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The weaknesses and defects, the bad passions, the mean tendencies, and the moral diseases which lead to crime, are handed down from one generation to another, by a far surer process of transmission than human law has been able to establish, in respect to the riches and honors which it seeks to entail upon posterity.

NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE, The House of the Seven Gables

I can so clearly distinguish between the criminal and his crime; I can so sincerely forgive the first while I abhor the last.


If it were not for Christ's Church, indeed there would be no restraint on the criminal in his evildoing, and no punishment for it later, real punishment, that is, not a mechanical one such as has just been mentioned, which only chafes the heart in most cases, but a real punishment, the only real, the only frightening and appeasing punishment, which lies in the acknowledgement of one's own conscience.

FYODOR DOSTOEVSKY, Crime and Punishment

The real significance of crime is in its being a breach of faith with the community of mankind.


Actions punishable by jail sentences are not the only crimes.

OSAMU DAZAI, No Longer Human

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